Gaining Strength Through Happiness

Ever notice how some people just seem content and can easily bounce back no matter what the circumstances? It isn’t a gift or talent. Rather, it’s a skill that they developed over the years. You too can use their techniques and make your life happier. Below are some guidelines:

Cooperate With Life

Every person has a destiny to fulfill. You can fight it or cooperate with it. Does that mean you just lay back and let life happen? No, but you can play the cards that you are dealt to the best of your abilities. When you begin to cooperate with life, you will learn new ways to get motivated. Life wants you to realize your destiny. Wouldn’t you rather cooperate than battle with it?

Don’t Just Think Positive, Act Positive

Thinking positive definitely has its place, and you’ll need to change your thoughts to ever be truly happy. But don’t wait on the feelings to come. You have direct control over how you act and what you think. If you want to be a happier person, act happier. If you want to be a friendlier person, act friendlier. The feelings will follow.

Gaining Strength Through Happiness - Positivity

Ask For What You Need

Good things don’t just fall out of the sky. Complaining gets you nothing, except to attract other complainers. If you believe in the saying, you reap what you sow, then asking for what you want makes much more sense. It’s your choice. You can choose to point fingers and still end up with nothing, or you can simply ask.

Be Willing to Change

Standing still is contrary to all laws of nature. If you let fear stop you, you are in essence agreeing to not having what you want. You can believe that change will harm you and resist it, or you can embrace it and believe that it will help you. It all depends on what you decide to be.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Defeated

A failure or set back does not mean that the goal will never be yours, nor is it evidence that you should quit. It simply means that you need more practice, or more experience. Be willing to make mistakes. Don’t give up. Don’t allow one setback from the outside influence you to erase all the progress you’ve made. Feel the joy of the finish line.

Gaining Strength Through Happiness - Failure

Live in the Present

If you are tuned in to the present and anticipating the future, you are better equipped to take advantage of opportunities. On the contrary, brooding over the past will blind you of the current possibilities and lose the advantage for future prospects. A happy life is the product of living a great present, and a well lived present is a guarantee of a wonderful future. You can only affect your future by what you do today.

Plan Ahead

Happy people know that they must exercise mastery in their lives in order to guard against feelings of being helpless. Planning is essential to getting things done. It is also the key to making sure that you are spending time on your priorities. Plan for what’s important to you. Choose to spend your limited time, money, energy, and resources on it.

These are just a few ways to be strong through happiness. Use them all to your advantage. If you get great results, then keep using it. Each day is a choice. You and you alone decide what kind of day you will have. You can choose to be happy or sad, loving or hateful.

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It’s Never Too Late

Do you have dreams that have never been realized? Do you feel like it’s too late to act on them? Well….maybe it’s not! If you think you’re too old to plan for the future, then read the story of Kentucky Fried Chicken. In his 60’s, Colonel Harland Sanders built KFC from the ground up to become what it is today – a world-famous fast food franchise.

It's Never Too Late - Dreams

The pursuit of dreams has long been a powerful force in restoring hope in the face of impossible odds. Its power often comes when we consider that impossible odds might sometimes be self-imposed. Such as self-imposed odds make us sigh with dismay – too old or too late. For dreamers and visionaries, however, they will always say, Not so!

Get Started On Your Goals

There are five important, yet simple steps to follow, for seemingly impossible goals to be achieved.

Step One

It's Never Too Late - Write Down Your Plans

Spend some quiet time and write down exactly what the change or changes will be and why you want them, this is the first crucial step towards achieving goals. At this stage, write only what it is you’d like to achieve and why. The ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ can come later.

Step Two

This step is very important as well, and it has everything to do with you accessing a state of inner peace. Achievement of your goal requires having peace through a quiet mind and inner calmness regardless of the chaos around you and how long this chaos reigns. When you have this peace, you’ll have greater clarity, your creative self will make itself known, you’ll gain foresight into how you will achieve your outcome, and negativity will have minimal impact.

It's Never Too Late - Focus

Step Three

This step is about gifting yourself with a fresh outlook on life. Looking at things in a totally different way and from a new angle will give you a more global perspective revealing greater possibilities and may be achieved by:

  • Asking what is important to you. Each time you receive an answer, continue by asking why that answer is important. When you can go no further, ask yourself how you can change this issue. This may sound a bit strange, but it works.
  • Transformational Coaching.
  • Understanding your motivation or lack of motivation. Once you’ve gained an understanding of you, you’re in a position to be proactive in making the necessary changes towards achieving your goal.
  • Reading autobiographies of how successful people did it.

Step Four

By now, you know exactly what you want. You can step into profound inner peace at will, have picked up great self-help and self-healing tools, eliminated limiting beliefs, and worked out your values. Now, it’s time to finally pinpoint exactly how you’re going to go about achieving your goal.

Step Five

This last step is the calculation of when your outcome will finally happen. If you’ve followed the previous steps, you’ll be able to determine that moment when you have finally reached the pot at the end of your rainbow. Examples:

  • Calculate the time it takes to complete your training courses or higher education.
  • Investment portfolio goals as discussed with your investment adviser.
  • Discuss with your transformational coach how many sessions and home-play will be required for you to achieve your goal.
  • Factor in the time it takes for people to get to know you if you’re selling a product. Speak with a marketing professional or someone in the know first.
  • It’s important to be realistic about time frames. Sometimes, our greatest plans will go awry and will take much longer than expected. Sometimes, incidents will happen and be out of control.

It’s never too late. Anyone can achieve goals through inner peace, perseverance, patience, flexibility, and sometimes, through viewing situations from an entirely different angle.

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